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More Walking!

I walked another 2 miles at lunch today (2.22 miles to be exact). Following up now with a “mean green” juice lunch.

Because I love statistics, here are some numbers from today’s walk:

  • Total Laps: 20
  • Total Distance: 2.22 miles
  • Average Speed: 3.47 mph
  • Calories Burned: 474
  • Time (minutes):
    • Total Walk: 38.26.0
    • Mile 1: 17:18.4
    • Mile 2: 17:17.0
    • Average Lap: 01:55.3
    • Best Lap: 01:51.8
    • Worst Lap: 01:59.0
    • Best/Worse Lap Delta: 00:07.2


I love that there is an indoor track I can use year round right next to my office. Nine laps equal one mile. Here is what it looks like:


Daily Walks

Today I started doing daily 2 mile walks during lunch at work. We have an indoor track in the building next to mine that is perfect for this. Currently my weight loss is coming from my dietary changes only (mostly juicing). I have been wanting to find an easy way to introduce some exercise into my busy schedule and this seems like a great fit!