This page contains links and information to resources (films and books) that I have found helpful or inspiring as I began pursuing my education of health and nutrition. I have rewatched/reread several of these because they can be so inspiring and help keep me committed to my health.

Resources that have an asterisk ( ) after them are resources that I believe are must watch/read items as you begin your own journey. Currently there are 4 films and 1 book on this “short list”– you can do this!




Many of the documentaries here can be found on the main streaming media services such as NetFlix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu Plus.



The following films cover the topic of juicing and juice fasting:

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead *

This is the documentary that started my own journey of making my health a priority. I have watched this several times now and continue to do so as a way to give myself another quick boost of inspiration at times. I can highly recommend this because not only of the journey it has started for me, but also because it is very entertaining and easy for people to enjoy (some of the other documentaries I mention here are pretty dry in comparison).


Super Juice Me! *

This is the documentary about 8 people with a variety of serious diseases (22 total) who all do a 28 day juice fast. The film follows their journey and documents the impact the fast had on their health. It’s a great and inspiring film for those interested in the benefits of juice fasting. It’s a great and entertaining film about the benefits of juicing. This documentary is available for purchase or rent through Vimeo here.


The Gerson Miracle

This documentary has been around for a while and focuses on Dr. Gerson and his work regarding the benefits of healthy eating and juicing to prevent and cure diseases such as cancer (it’s main focus). This links to the full documentary on YouTube with a few commercials (I watched it on NetFlix).



The following films cover the topic of general nutrition:

Forks Over Knives *

This documentary is a great followup to Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. While not quite as entertaining, it further talks about nutrition and the measurable benefits of a heavy plant based diet. It also covers more about not only our lack of nutritional education, but also on the many years of miss-education that has led us to where we are today. I think the best take away of this film however is the strong links to many cancers and our diet.


Food Matters *

Another great and informative documentary. This is also the one that started me looking into Dr. Gerson’s work as well. The most powerful line from this film for me was “It’s a choice. You don’t have to be sick.”. That really hit home when I first started my own research into health and is indisputable as far as I’m concerned based on my own personal experience.


Hungry For Change

I recently saw this film and it was ok. If you have seen the other’s on this list this one isn’t critical, but it does cover some great topics beyond just the food aspect. It is one of the newer documentaries on the subject and has appearances by people starring in some of the other documentaries listed here. This documentary did bring me one great thing– it introduced me to Jon Gabriel (I was interested in him from the film and researched him afterward). Something just clicked with me when I heard Jon talking– his story, while different than mine, also seemed very familiar to me and my past.


Food That Kills

 This links to the full documentary on YouTube, It is an older one, but very informative.


Dying To Have Known

This links to the full documentary on YouTube with a few commercials (I watched it on NetFlix). This is a good followup to The Gerson Miracle.


The Beautiful Truth

This links to the full documentary on YouTube with a few commercials. I have not yet had a chance to watch this one, but it is also in relation to Dr. Gerson’s work in healing through diet.


Lifestyle Change

The following films cover the topic of general, positive lifestyle change. They discuss not only physical health and nutrition, but also mental and emotional health:

May I Be Frank?

I have to say this was a great film and doesn’t just focus on the nutrition (though it is a big part of it). Frank is an interesting character and goes through quite a lot on his road to physical and spiritual healing. Everyone should see this film– and if you do, you should follow up on Frank’s progress past the documentary as well as he continues to do great (and even makes an appearance in a much healthier form in the Hungry For Change documentary I list below).



While I have read many books on both nutrition and exercise to date, below are the ones I feel have real value and approach a healthy lifestyle in logical and honest way.


Nutrition and Health

Books that are focused on nutritional/health related topics. Don’t worry though– you won’t find a diet book anywhere on this blog!

The Gabriel Method *

This book was written by Jon Gabriel. Jon himself lost over 200 pounds and now maintains a healthy lifestyle– you may have seen me mention him throughout this blog. He wrote this book from a place of experience and education. I highly recommend everyone read it. This is NOT a diet book. It is a book that lays out a strategy for sustained, long term health and tools you can use to achieve it. One that has worked very well for Jon, many of his readers, and myself. Being healthy is not just about nutrition and exercise– and this book discusses a range of topics that are all important things we should be doing to overcome an emotionally charged and unhealthy lifestyle.

This book is available in many formats and languages from a less than $10 kindle edition to an audio book. There isn’t really an excuse to not read it.


Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit

This book follows Drew Manning, a fitness trainer, who wants to know first hand what his out of shape clients were going through– and why they would give up. To do this he gained 75 pounds on purpose in order to lose it again. This book was entertaining and, the part I think is the most important lesson to learn, shows just how easy it is to gain weight and become addicted to “bad” foods.



Books related to exercising and learning how to exercise:

You Are Your Own Gym

This book was written by Mark Laure, is full of advice and encouragement, and covers many exercises from beginner to advanced that can be done by you at home (or anywhere) using just your body. I recommend this book to anyone looking to start exercising. You don’t need to go to  gym to exercise and this book (and Mark as an example) proves that. Even if you do go to the gym, the exercises found in this book can build a great strategy for you when you are away from the gym and wish to keep your fitness up.