The Dangers of Having Energy

It’s been a while since my lest update and I’m also in need of updating my resources section as I have continued to find some cool things (I’ll get to those updated later today I hope). I was hoping to give an update recently on my progress of walking, but I hit a bit of a snag recently.

Due to my recent abundance of energy I have been trying to do more active things and I recently got invited to a river tubing trip here in upstate NY. Unfortunately the river was very low (about 2 feet down) and I hit my hip hard on a rock under the water. That put my out of commission for walking the past two weeks with both hip and back pain.

There is some good news however! First, my hip is healing up nicely now and I should be back to walking again soon. I also find it inspiring that these past two weeks, mostly due to a busy work schedule, I have not been juicing and have been eating whatever I want (and not all of it healthy!)– and I still lost  a bit of weight! That gives me hope that I am on a good path to sustain my weight loss once I reach my target weight. Stay tuned for my next post as I plan to go into detail regarding sustaining my health and weight loss as well as some key things I noticed in myself these past two weeks where I was eating “less than healthy”.

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