Jon Gabriel

In my research to get healthy and learn as much as I can about nutrition I had come across a man named Jon Gabriel. I first noticed Jon when I saw him in the Hungry For Change documentary and was interested in what he was saying. After looking more into who this person was I found that he had written a top selling book on weight loss called The Gabriel Method (NOT a diet book at all), which I later read and will review here shortly.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is that the Hungry For Change website just posted the full 1 hour interview with Jon in which they used just clips for the film itself. You can check it out here if you’re interested– it’s a pretty good interview:

[UPDATE: The interview seems to be down now and the above link just redirects to an info page.]


Also, here is a before and after picture of Jon. He lost all his weight (225 lbs worth!) naturally over about 2.5 years and has maintained the same weight for over 7 years now. For those wondering- his skin tightened up well during the proccess because he lost his weight nutritionally (he touches on the science of this in the interview):


Jon Gabriel before (409 lbs) and after (185 lbs)

Jon Gabriel before (409 lbs) and after (185 lbs)


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