Back At It

After not being able to walk at lunch this week I finally got a chance to get back at it today. Work has been pretty busy and it seemed there was some form of lunch meeting or event every day this week. I took today off though, so that freed me up to do one this morning. After that I did some light weight lifting and hopped in the shower. Now waiting for guests from out of town to arrive at our house for a fun long weekend!

Here are today’s numbers from the walk (I almost went for 3 miles today, but I think I’ll be doing a lot of walking all weekend so I decided to not push it):

  • Total Laps: 20
  • Total Distance: 2.22 miles
  • Average Speed: 3.64 mph
  • Time (minutes):
    • Total Walk: 36:39.3
    • Mile 1: 16:35.3
    • Mile 2: 16:26.4
    • Average Lap: 01:50.0
    • Best Lap: 01:44.7
    • Worst Lap: 01:55.8
    • Best/Worse Lap Delta: 00:11.1

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